When looking to our hardware choices, we decided to have some _ FUN! _ It is our team's first experience working with VR, Unity, and attending a Hackathon, so we wanted to capture the spirit of fun in our project. Popular VR/AR projects include positivity for hospitalized individuals, showing off beautiful and simple technology. We're looking to capture this positivity from every corner of social media!

What it does

VR-Stim is a virtual Stimboard/Moodboard, akin to the organizational structure of an individual's Pinterest board. In the same manner, we intend to implement elements of organizing posts from Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest as well as Bitmoji functionality!

How we built it

Overnight we explored the different ways to develop with the Oculus Rift. After talking around between mentors, articles, and other students, we found that the most convenient means for a working demo would be through Unity. A couple hours of frustration and API checks later and we built or demo around the ideal moodboard situation-- organized walls of images in a cute little room. Our program demo operate exclusively to bring the ideal situation to our viewers.

Challenges we ran into

When working with the project we found that we had the possibility for a lot of things. Implementing directly embedded Instagram posts, bitmoji kits, and twitter feed all at once was not a weekend endeavor. We instead worked to confirm that we had access to Instagram API's, Pinterest, etc to find if it was possible within the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our largest milestone was beginning. Picking up an Oculus Rift for the first time, never having held one, we all considered it a bit foolish in hindsight to dedicate to a completely new platform. We persevered and had fun the whole way through, creating and exploring VR environments was a proud goal completed!

What we learned

For all of us, this was an experience in learning on the fly. We have never been put on the spot with a topic we've never even touched before, and it was fun to overcome something so daunting together! Unity and VR were both learned skills that we intend to tamper with in the future, and certainly a fun time.

What's next for VR Stim

Next we want to design embedded images and posts directly from Instagram. The moving forward point is making our demo reality by gaining access to the Instagram API, and following up on searches confirm functionality with Twitter and Pinterest API's which are expected to be similarly accessible.

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