We wanted to aggregate live data from game watchers during Olympics to increase viewership participation. And we wanted to provide a brand-new social experience to the game watchers by matching him/her with other game watchers with same personalities. The matching criteria includes cognitive data collected using multiple physical devices and interfaces.

How we built it

We use Unity3D as a game engine to build virtual reality experience. Meanwhile, we run python in background to process data and communicate with cloud.

Challenges we ran into

Microsoft Cogonitive API does not support Unity3D; HTC Vive API.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We solved the problem mentioned above by running python in the background to communicate with Microsoft Cloud.

What we learned

Unity 3D; HTC Vive API, Microsoft Azure API.

What's next for VR Social TV For Olymipics

More personal data for matching and more visual feedback and interaction between viewer at home and live.

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