We always loved traveling and seeing around, also wanted to see what is going on at our houses when we were away! So we decided do make something that would allows us to explore anywhere anytime!

What it does

It is a cloud connected rover that lets you travel around with and see it with VR Glasses!

How we built it

We used raspberry pi, arduinos, and a already 3D Printed robot chasis to make the rover! To robot connects a server online and the client can connect from anywhere to control the robot. All motor drivers and servo drivers are in C, raspberry pi runs on python, we used open-source video streamers for the video feed.

Challenges we ran into

inaccurate sensors! TCP lag, making a project on 3 different platforms (PC, Android, Embedded) was a little bit challenging for a 2 person team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is our first time venturing into VR, and we are excited at the prospects of what this project can be. Having a remote controlled robot with VR vision can extend to many applications, such as monitoring your house while you are away, surveying grounds in dangerous conditions and many more!

What we learned

We need more experience on low pass filters and such to work with VR.

What's next for VR-Rover

Better sensors for VR Experience ,lower lag, more sensors on the rover and agility on the code!

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