Game Design


A young owl falled off out of her lair. Because she is not yet able to fly, the player has to help her to get back to home.


Use the touchpad: Swipe left and right to walk, double tap to jump.


The character's walkable area is limited to a 2-dimensional plane. But there are special places in the world, where this 2d plane can be switched to another 2d plane. This way, it is possible to explore a 3-dimensional world while having the feeling of a traditional 2d platform game. Moreover, this mechanic enables a whole bunch of interesting puzzles. The character has to reach points, that she can see in the 3d world - but it's a challenge how to get there.


We wanted to extend the typical 2d world of platform games to the third dimension. Since fast movements are not a good idea in VR (especially because the Gear VR has no positional tracking), the player has to stand in place. Furthermore, the player and the character are not the same. So, the level is build around the player, while he/she has to steer the character around herself.


How we built it

We built the game with Unity3D and some pre-made assets from the asset store.

Challenges we ran into

It was hard to implement the "rotators" because they have to turn the character very exact. Otherwise, she won't be on the right track and might fall down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was a challenge to implement controls with such few buttons. So, we are very proud that we only needed the three commands "go left", "go right" and "jump" and still be able to explore a 3-dimensional world.


What we learned

Developing mobile VR games; Polishing;

What's next for VR No Owls

We will add more levels and also different settings, e.g. desert and winter. Furthermore, we want to bring the game to the app stores. Particularly, these are the GearVR/Oculus Store, Google Play, and Apple/iOS.

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