The focus of our project is to motivate people to engage in physical activity more. One way we aim to motivate them is by connecting people through virtual reality. Having the sense of exercising with friends would provide a motivation for exercising. Our project involved creating an avatar using the program Unity and detecting body motion using Kinect. Our plan is to combine Virtual Reality with Xbox Kinect so that the user can see themselves as an avatar, exercising in some space outside of their homes. The user would also be able to see other's avatars. Some challenges we encountered were integrating different technologies that are not typically paired with each other. We're proud of the cause that we are supporting. We noticed during our first year of college that fitness was not made a priority and we wanted to find a way to provide motivation for it. Currently we are trying to integrate the technologies so that users could be connected and interact with each other so that they would be more motivated.

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