The Inspiration behind this was the interest in bringing our favorite movie heros and villains to life and interacting with them in the company of friends and family. Providing a unique opportunity and creating an mobile-ready experience for everyone that can't afford to purchase the more expensive AR devices; Oculus Rift, Space Glass or Google Cardboard. We wanted ordinary people with just their mobile phones or tablets to step into the world of virtual reality and experience it with the same entitlements to fun and adventure. At the end of the day, augmented reality is the future.

We thought of cool and engaging ways where it's most likely to develop in the future to capture moviegoers and film lovers.Rather than creating an entire simulation of an environment from scratch that a user can then engage with, Augmented Reality provided the option to augment what NBC universal has by incorporating digitally created, often real-time-controlled interactive elements directly into your device view controls and the real world.

How it works

Meet, Give and Share ME!


Passing a Despicable ME2 poster.

  • We are Targeting two challenges themes. The ability to give digital content to loved ones and also incorporate the value of advertisements with movies that are about to hit the cinemas and home entertainment systems.

Assuming you are walking down in the cinema and you see a minion poster that has a beacon attached to it.A notification is sent to you to interact with Minion.If you don't have the app installed, you are provided a link to download app.

When you install this application, you can interact with the Minions in 3D. Watch them dance and even add a personalised message and interactions to loved ones.You can send and share gifts like movie merchandise, 3D images, Movie trailers.

When your loved ones receive your gift, they can view digital content in 3D, Capture this content and print it if they have a 3D printer or transaction services are made available. A digital gift turned physical in just few hours and you don't have to leave the comfort of your local store or mall to order. Your loved one can also track details through the social media aspects of the mobile app.

Avoid the hassles of delivery and waiting without notifications to your loved ones on the status of gifts.

When a movie is about to hit the cinemas, advertisers can take this opportunity to create digital that will gain popularity and get people to want to watch the movie when it is out.Also,for DVD releases in retail stands users can scan and purchase DVDs directly from app.

Incentives/Marketing to use MeetMe

In other to get people to use MeetMe, special offers and discounts can be given to users of the app. For example;

  • 30% off Cinema tickets :- This will encourage more cinemas to participate. Participating cinemas can drive up revenue by the massive sales of tickets.
  • Give and share to collect points:- This is a loyalty scheme to get people to share and gift more digital content. The more they spend and share, they can collect enough points to purchase their favorite movie DVD or merchandise. This can also drive making digital content viral and gaining popularity.
  • Advert generation:- An opportunity for advertisers to target ads to promote movies and sales.
  • White label:- This can be used for any movie/film that hits the any cinema that NBC universal wants to market. It is not specific to just one movie or Despicable me and specific cinemas can use different content to engage audiences.
  • Impulse purchase through shared communications.

Challenges we ran into

  • Creating 3D animations of Minions in unity.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • Building an application from ground up to reflect our idea in 24 hours.

What we learned

  • Anything is possible if you set your mind to it.
  • The backstory of how Minions were created :-), they like apples too!
  • Understanding the market and monetisation of our idea.
  • Using unity to create Augmented Reality to appeal to users.

What's next for MeetMe

  • Monetise the app, by charging people for extra functionality for example, if you want your character to dance all over the screen and change clothes, you pay £0.99.
  • Adding Social media functionality such as twitter, facebook, snapchat and instagram share.
  • Direct purchase of movie/film (toys,clothes et cetera) merchandise from app.
  • Ability for users to buy 3D print models so they can print 3D images from app.
  • Paid version of the app by taking Selfie with 3D image to further improve your experience.

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