We wanted to work on a project that we could all use our individual skills and contribute to. We were also inspired by Orlando's booming medical business and the desire to create something that combines education, technology, and entertainment.

What it does

Teaches the user about the functions of different organs and allows them to handle them in a virtual environment.

How we built it

The environment and 3D models were created and textured in Autodesk Maya while the game play and physics are handled by Unity. Each team member had a specific job related to either asset creation or game play.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into trouble texturing the 3D models and importing them into Unity. Time management was also difficult and we had very little time to rest.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having a fully functional product. This is the first serious hackathon we have attended and we are proud to have successfully finished.

What we learned

We learned that things always take longer than expected and attention to detail is very important.

What's next for VR Medical Demo

We plan to iron out the remaining bugs and hopefully expanding to include more organs and information. Improving the environment graphically is also high on the priority list.

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