What it does

My game is pretty simple. You pilot an EVA pack in low earth orbit. The pack has RCS thrusters with you can use to navigate. There's no drag in space though, so it takes finesse to keep the pack under control. The Hubble space telescope is nearby to explore (or crash into).

Build Process

I used the the basic google cardboard development setup, which is the unity game engine paired with the android SDK. I bought a PS3 controller to control everything with, but it turned out to be very difficult to get working with unity. I eventually had to make a usb-otg cable and connect the controller to my phone directly. I does work pretty well now that I've got it set up.

My original plan was to setup a model of the International Space Station that you can explore. And just my luck, NASA has on their site a beautiful one, complete with textures. It even drags and rops right into unity! Unfortunately if you so much as glance at it in game, the frame rate drops to single digits. Even running on a PC with the oculous rift, the frame rate was too low to play. I tried in vain for hours to simplify the texture, but eventually I called it and switched to a more reasonable model of the Hubble.

With that settled, all that was left was to get rid of the ground, and gravity. and replace the movement code with calls to ".AddForce". I was able to find a really nice orbital skybox for free in the resource store, so that worked out well. By now it was getting close to the end, so I made a short list of "would be nice" features like sound, and some physics stuff. I managed to add on some decent sound effects and a reset button button by the end. I think it turned out pretty well overall.


Video and source files to come.

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