For novice piano player, learning various chord type and fingering position is a challenge. Memorizing and reading chord diagrams and play on piano keys takes some hand eye coordination. Self-playing piano helps with visuals, but It cost a lot and only offer piano tracks. No multiple visual feed back of each instrumental parts of the song.
Most music Software does it well but it's limited to 2D screen without 3D visual presence.

Virtual Piano can solve all these issues. No limit on screen estate, offers immediate visual feedback, and save expense of buying physical keyboards to experience music interactivity.

What it does

Surrounds player with 10 virtual piano keyboards. Each have its own sound patch and chord key selection.

User can interact with keyboards / control panel buttons by using Poke action or Far Ray Interaction. Sound play back synced with visual spectrum meter in the distance.

Virtual Piano Keyboards Interactivity

  • Change the sound of instruments with slider.
  • Show chord selection buttons with toggle buttons.
  • Press the keyboard to change root of the note
  • Hover over the keyboard to play the notes or arpeggio (broken chords)
  • Grab and position the keyboard by holding the body.

*Control Console Global Functions *

  • Toggle visibility of the keyboard
  • Play, pause, skip songs.
  • Toggle mute individual instrumental channels within the song.
  • Change the sequencer volume
  • Change vertical position of all the pianos for ease of access

How it's build

Used MRTK provided Graphics Tools packages for shaders visual. The build in buttons, sliders, and panels for laying out keyboard octaves. Csharp Synth Library for the Midi Synth sound and Midi file sequencer engine. Custom code to animate the playback, interactivity, and object layout.

What's next

For a demo project to test out MRTK GUI toolkit, several usable features are left out. Here are planned additions:

  • Note Scale display
  • Saving User configurable settings
  • Custom MIDI file song selection from storage.
  • Let player Jam musically with chord detection from imported Midi Tracks.

With the foundation of VR Piano Keyboard prototype, I see many possible project spin off for future musical training app or games in VR space.

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