STRUGGLING to land the co-op position at that dream company

Mission Statement

Hate reading and studying from the big green bible? Now's your opportunity to get some real interview practice from "Simulating The Coding Interview"! Our VR interview simulator provides users with a fun real life experience of a coding interview. With both behavioural questions as well as technical coding questions, users will have a chance to practice answering and acing questions that are likely to appear in many technical interviews. At the end of the experience, users will have the opportunity to listen to their interview and improve upon anything necessary.

How we built it

We built the environment of the simulator using assets and sprites with Unity3D. Functionalities of the application were then added by creating C# classes as scripts to attach to the game object on Unity3D.

Challenges we ran into

  • Setting up Oculus rift with our machines
  • Managing the visibility and layering of the objects in Unity
  • Debugging Unity errors that we were unfamiliar with

What are we proud of?

  • Creating a VR application for the first time within one day
  • Making an application that can impact every tech student's life

What did we learn?

  • Oculus Rift VR development
  • 3D game development with Unity game engine
  • How to instantiate, transform objects at game run time using C# scripts from Visual Studio
  • How to make a 21 cup-tall stack in under 3 minutes

What's next for Simulating The Coding Interview

In the future, we would like to incorporate a pointer in the VR application to simulate a white board coding experience for the user. With the pointer, users will be able to write directly on the white board and review their answers afterwards. Furthermore, we would like to expand our question banks to provide users with as much practice as possible to remove the butterflies and have them feeling confident before walking into their interview room.

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