We are inspired by the art at Children's Health Medical Center in Dallas, we used the themes and aesthetics as guiding examples for the children's VR hospital visit therapy. By having a continuum in the aesthetic experience, children are able to feel the hospital to be relatable when they visit.

What it does

By having a practice run of visiting the hospital it reduces the stress and anxiety in children and their families.

How we built it

We start the process with a Design Brief of 10-12 pages which sets out the goals, concepts and further research. This is followed by a Design Document which is 60-100 pages of research. We then begin production, we use Maya 3D and Unity for the production of the virtual reality experience. We then trial with various groups and gather feedback, which is followed by improvements and enhancements. We then release the VR experience to the public and follow behavioral analytics in Unity to continue to improve the VR experience of users.

Challenges we ran into

A challenge was finding the balance between realism and animation which lends to the best engagement in children across various age groups.

Accomplishments that we're proud of Project

Christina had the idea to blend the garden and the hospital in a way that brings a magical realism quality to experiencing the hospital. This offers a comforting experience for children and allows them to see the hospital and medical procedures in a difference light.

What we learned

We learned that hospitals can be scary and lonely places and that we should use the full potential of virtual reality to create a memory which would challenge the memory of trauma and pain of some medical procedures. So when the children recollect this episode in their lives, they remember the virtual reality experience over more painful or distressing memories of their hospital visit.

What's next for VR Hospital Visit

We hope to provide this wonderful therapy to children of Children's Health. We are also researching a Pediatric MRI VR Therapy to reduce the need for sedation for the Mayo Clinic. We are also doing an Alzheimer's Covid Brain Fog VR Therapy and doing use cases in retirement homes in Switzerland starting this month.

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