What came as an Idea for a car hack eventually turned out to be the most useful hack for people in situations where its literally inhuman to be present such as a nuclear leak. The hunger to be creative with the amount of hardware we could get at the hackathon was huge. Creating something that would be a combo between the realistic side of situations to the VR we all know was also a factor in deciding what we were going to do.

We integrated the Google Glass SDK to the Thalmic Myo Armband SDK and made it ready for a third party interface to connect to what we made and use it for numerous purposes. For example, a natural hazard that caused a nuclear leak created Havoc in the city and the engineer responsible for shutting down the entire facility cant go inside because he might incur a radiation but he still needs to save millions of lives surrounding him. With our Hack, he simply needs to twist his fist and the third party interface which here is the facility's control room does the rest of the work, This can be easily understood by watching the Myo Temperature Fist movement demo.

The best part of this Hack is that it has no limitations. People can come up with the most easiest and the worst situations in order to use what we created. In my opinion what I liked the most was the range the Thalmic Myo Armband has. It is beyond amazing and the fact that it works so efficiently just makes it all the more better.

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