We are .NET developers and work at WiseTech Global. We have decided to attend Hackagong as our company's team, and build something that is totally different from what we are doing in "real life". We chose Unity 3D as a main development tool since it supports C# and easily integrates with VR and AR SDKs. This is our first attempt with this tool, so we chose to make something simple but funny.

What it does

This is a small game, where you end up trapped in a valley, surrounded by mountains. When you start the game, a bunch of balls fall on you from the sky. You are immersed into virtual reality by using your smartphone and Google Cardboard VR "device". Your goal is to destroy 10 balls within 30 seconds by pointing the dot in the center of the screen onto the bouncing ball and keeping the focus on it for 1.1 second. Once you destroy 10 balls - you win.

How I built it

Our first decision was to make an Augmented Reality app, which turns the familiar items into something fancy. But we didn't want to make sophisticated software for recognition, and decided to use the Vuforia API. However, it turned out that it requires much preparation - you need to prepare the marks for the API to be recognized and augmented. Therefore, we thought that it will be better to make a 3D virtual reality game, which will be controlled solely by acellerometer built into the smartphone. The app is based on the Google CardBoard SDK and Vuforia SDK, and we used a few samples from them as a basis.

Challenges I ran into

I have never worked with Unity 3D before, as well as with building mobile apps. So it was all new.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I'm proud that within this short time the game is quite playable, and all design and gameplay was written by ourselves.

What I learned

I had a good impression on Unity 3D as a tool to make VR and AR apps. With the use of powerful APIs you can quickly achieve quite good results. Also I learned, that you have to think on your idea before you go to hackathon and have a good plan.

What's next for VR Game for Google Cardboard

I'd possibly extend it with some abilities to walk around and interact with objects, and make a good toy for my son, who is too much into Minecraft.

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