We had learned how to create a VR game using Unity and we decided to build one on our own.

What it does

It is a replica of the Fruit Ninja game. There is a timer counting down from 15 seconds and a scorekeeper that shows how much score does the player gets.

How we built it

We have fruit prefabs instantiate and drop, while our controller (the sword) has a collider that when a collision of the sword and a fruit/bomb occurs, it destroys the fruit prefab and increases the player's score or end the game if the user hits the bomb.

Challenges we ran into

At one point, we lost our 360 views to the game in the headset and since we were working on the project as a group, we had multiple merge conflicts which caused us to eventually restart the entire project and build a new one.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned a lot about the Oculus SDK and how it is different from the Google Daydream. We also came across many useful documentations and tutorials. We also are proud that we implemented our controller and were able to make the interactions with the UI work.

What we learned

We became much more comfortable using Unity and the Oculus Go headset.

What's next for VR Fruit Ninja

We look forward to implementing a teleport feature on our game which will make it more exciting.

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