Developer Name: Yash Chauhan

Problem Statement: Virtual Reality in education opens up a whole new arena of learning.

For example, teaching science. With its help, one can depict chemical reactions, physical processes break them down into elements to explain visually in much detail. On the other hand — it also may greatly help to model experiments. It will be easy to demonstrate the vital organs in a much better way. Design a similar VR model which will enhance teaching and learning experience.

How will we solve this problem?

We have used Unity Engine to develop this entire application that can be run on any android devices. We’ll also try to use various 3d models with animation for a better understanding of concepts. We’ll also try to integrate Augmented reality with this application to make it more intractable for the students.

Technical Stack:

  • Programming Language: C#
  • Software: Unity Engine (Version 2019.4.14f1 LTS) & Blender
  • UI/UX: Adobe XD or Figma
  • SDK: VR sdk
  • APIs: Various Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality we’ll use.

The problem it solves

Most of what students learn today is in theoretical form, and this theory is so disconnected from the real world that when a student sees the professional world for the first time as an intern, it is always a huge surprise. If the current education system was relevant and in line with what’s required of modern professionals, this would not be the case. We have tried to integrate the Virtual with the real world so that it can give a wonderful experience to the students for learning.

To sum up the benefits of Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality learning:
  • It promotes experience-based learning.
  • It uses visuals for faster and better learning.
  • It helps students learn in a fun environment.
  • It does away with the monotony of lectures.
  • It makes teaching affordable by introducing virtual elements rather than arranging real objects and places for learning purposes.
  • It lets students learn at their pace.
  • Easily Accessible during this pandemic
  • Children get their seed to education at the right age
  • Quiz games will make it more interesting and they will feel to explore more.
  • Students can work in teams, building rapport and strengthening their collective problem-solving abilities;
  • Different viewing angles of the 3D model reveal different insights, just like in real life;
  • Students can explore, try and fail, iterate, and ultimately come away with a deeper, more holistic understanding of engines and other models;

Challenges I ran into

There was a power cut in my town I was so excited about the event and after attending the inaugural ceremony suddenly It went off. I was so worried about this Hackathon. I'misse the timing of phase 1 Submission, Anyhow I request to the team to allow me some time to submit my project files. After that, all went smooth. I started developing my project on 7th Nov 2020 7 PM and now here I'm submitting at 8th Nov 2020 at 4 PM. There are Total 4 Applications that I have developed for this Hackathon to show the maximum use of this technology in the Education Sector. To install my apk there is apk folder in my GitHub in which I have uploaded the application, you can try it on your device for the better experience I will suggest you use any VR box.

Virtual Reality
  • VRclass (for experiencing class environment)
  • meetTeacher (In this Teacher will speak and you will listen in VR)
  • SkullPartsVR (This is an example for a Biology lab where I have tried to animate Skull parts in Virtual World)

Link to Apk: https://github.com/iyashjayesh/VR-for-Education-/tree/main/apks

Augmented Reality
  • Electrical Application (3D Animation of DC motor with the Image Tracker)

Video Demo



Wody - 003 - Android - Unity 2019 4 14f1 _DX11_ 08-11-2020 16_34_17 (2) Wody - 01 - Android - Unity 2019 4 14f1 _DX11_ 08-11-2020 16_43_04 (2) Wody - 003 - Android - Unity 2019 4 14f1 _DX11_ 08-11-2020 16_35_56 (2) Wody - 03 - Android - Unity 2019 4 14f1 _DX11_ 08-11-2020 16_39_55 (2)

Why did I choose this problem?

I have 1.2 years of experience in this particular domain. I'm even representing “Unity” as a Student Ambassador at my University. As a Student Ambassador my role is to organize Handson Workshops, Seminars and many more. I have even prepared multiple projects in the domain of Augmented Reality, Virtual reality, Mixed Reality, Game development and many more. My Augmented Reality project got featured on Unity's official Youtube channel and in the Unite India 2019 conference (Unity Largest Conference of India).


Here are my social media handles:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/iyashjayesh/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/iyashjayesh/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/iyashjayesh

Email: er.yashjayeshchauhan@gmail.com

Thank you!

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