Limited plug ins available using FlowJo for flow cytometry data analysis. None currently available with virtual reality implementations. This is where VR FlowJo Plugin would come in as a system integration task to gather cell outputs from FlowJo and visualize into Google Cardboard.

What it does

The Virtual Reality FlowJo Plugin attempts a linear regression and one dimensional plotting within virtual reality using Google Cardboard, Three.JS, and D3.JS for cytometry outputs using FlowJo.

How we built it

Using FlowJo and outputs for CSVs, we were able to create a web application for visualizing a one dimensional FSC-Heights for flow cytometry with libraries such as Three.JS, D3.js, FlowJo, and Amazon Web Services.

Challenges we ran into

Can be read extensively here:

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Cluster DataSet

The data set used to generate the 1-D visualization was created from the promptForOptions function. It creates a csv file with the population name and the parameter data selected in the options prompter. The dataset could then be chosen in the HTML webpage and plotted.

Contour Points

The included Plug-in called AutoGater contains a function called getContourPoints. This function collects sets of points that represent each contor as a list of points. These lists are then combined into a list of lists that represents the full contour graph. These points were converted to a single list of points.

Simple Regression

The Apache Commons Math3 library implements many statistical functions including a simple linear regression algorithm. Each point in the set of contours was added to the simple regression and then the slope and intercept of the regression are returned as doubles.

What we learned

There are limited resources and documentation for FlowJo plugins and bioinformatics algorithms. In addition, creating a graphical interface with virtual reality is obviously harder than it looks due to the multiple dimensions and creating scenes, objects, and proper parameters.

What's next for VR FlowJo Plugin

Optimizing the CSV outputs for proper querying within FlowJo. Creating 2D visualizations in virtual reality with items such as FSC-A vs FSC-H for proper double and single cell analysis,

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