We all loved watching Avatar the Last Airbender as children and this is Dragon Hacks, so naturally a firebending dragon riding simulator came to mind

What it does

You ride through the skies on your loyal dragon as you try to destroy cubes that an evil wizard has created to kill the innocent sheep.

How I built it

We used an Oculus Rift to interact with the 3D environment that we created in Unity. To control the dragon and firebending aspects of the game, the user wears two Myos on each arm.

Challenges I ran into

Getting two Myos to work with one dongle. Using the Oculus Rift for VR.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Novel control system for a dragon.

What I learned

How to interface with multiple Myos while in a virtual reality environment.

What's next for VR Firebending Dragon Rider

A continuation for the story presented. This would involve fighting the wizard and defeating him. We also hope to create more puzzle challenges in the future levels to come.

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