This is the opportunity to make a missed experience a VR Enabled experience.

Backstory: The idea behind this project is the solution to an unfortunate experience where a member was kicked off the hollywood rip ride rocket roller coster for being too big. While celebrating their 9th anniversary at Halloween Horror Nights, Patrick and Alysha where next in line to get on the ride. Upon entering the seat to be secured, Patrick was told he was too big for the ride and would have to wait for his wife on the side. Once reunited, Alysha was so excited about her experience but Patrick was mad about his and this ruined the rest of their celebration.

This is only one example of many of people who come to the park expecting so much but instead leave with heartbreak and missed experiences due to many reasons and ailments. With the deployment of VR ride replicas we can now help create and cherish these experiences.

Target User: People that are unable to ride rides or want to experience a ride from a different perspective. Individuals with heart conditions, pregnant women, young children, elderly, visually impaired, and the physically impaired.

Key Features: Ability to experience a ride with your friends and family members despite your current physical condition. With virtual reality tools, and audio tools we're able to cater to a wide range of audience.

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