A toolkit to help educators create VR experiences.

This toolkit provides a framework as well as resources for educators to create VR lessons with. Precreated Unity scenes can be modified by content creators to suit their lesson with new assets and 360 videos. By providing the basic framework, users can spend more time cultivating effective course material.

2 scenes are currently in the project, one of them is a classroom with a interactive science experiment setup. The second scene plays a 360 degree video, and then transitions into a classroom with interactive materials that complement the contents of the video.

The project currently is built for GearVR but should run on most VR platforms. Experimental builds for OpenVR have been released.

Our project builds upon VRTK, an amazing VR Toolkit that makes VR development accessible to everyone.

Our project is licensed underneath the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license, meaning that anyone wanting to create non-commercial projects with our project is free to do so. However, we also recognize that there is a large market for commercial education on sites such as Udacity and Udemy, and so are willing to license out our software for creators who wish to use it and sell the product.

Special thanks to Azure for giving us free credits to host our website.

Built With

  • c#
  • hlsl
  • mask
  • shaderlab
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