Inspiration´╝ÜWe wanted to build a dating experience that was based upon compatibility in core characterstics between users and escaped the bias caused by merely having to base choices on physical appearances. Research indicates that trust issues, hesitation due to lack of familiarity and introverted nature are primary issues faced in the traditional online dating space. The solution we designed addresses a common barrier to dating as well: distance.

What it does: the app matches users to play mini games with each other designed to facilitate both users to understand each other better. The points obtained in the are implicit of complimentarity/similarity in nature that are simple and involve teamwork.

How we built it: Ideat, User Friendly Research. We built it in Unity. The original concept came from an art assist in the Unity store, but we rebuilt it so it could run better on a mobile device.

Challenges we ran into: We try to use Photon to do the multiple players networking, but we give up about it because no specialist technique in our team.

Accomplishments that we are proud of: Most members of our team are UX designer, Game designer, and web developer. We are lack of Unity and Photon developers for the VR networking, but we finally made our project.

What we learnt : We indeed learned about the Unity, Photon, VR, AR system, and how to use Unity to create during the whole process.

What's next for VR Dating Game: We would try to add features that would be inclusive to non cisgendered people, add more games by categories and provide sophisticated avatars.

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