Concerts are being cancelled. Artists are giving online shows. New models of engagement are coming.


We like music and we miss concert experiences, so we decided to create a new digital platform where concerts can be seen in Virtual Reality. This platform will allow artists to create concerts easily and to share them with their fans. With use of Artificial Intelligence, viewing experience will be much better than on the standard video sharing platforms that we have nowadays.

What it does

Artists upload videos to the platform and define when a certain concert should go live. Social media sharing allows the artist to share concerts with viewers. Viewers can join and watch concerts via web, mobile or in Virtual Reality.

When video is uploaded to the platform, it is processed by Azure Video Indexer - a powerful AI tool that automatically extracts advanced metadata from the video. With extracted data we are able to enhance your viewing experience.

How we built it

We used different technologies in order to build this project. The main site was built with HTML, Javascript and PHP. For the Virtual Reality part we used Unity. Video processing is done with Microsoft Azure Video Indexer for scenes and keyframe detection. Solution is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we managed to build VR solution powered by AI in such a short time.

We are also proud that this project was built from home with team members located in 3 different countries: Sweden 🇸🇪, Germany 🇩🇪 and Croatia 🇭🇷.

What's next for VR Concerts powered by AI

We identified following steps for our project:

  • donation option in order to support the artist
  • different stages that are configurable by the artist (indoor, outdoor, effects...)
  • live streaming feature
  • smart video editing so only artist is displayed on the virtual stage

Video Copyright

Music video used in our demo project is streamed from here. All rights to that video belongs to awesome band Goldfinger. We would also like to say that we really appreciate their efforts in making "stay home" / "quarantine" music videos.

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