What it does

You can wander around in VR using teleportation navigation, electromagnetic wall climbing, some 'monkey bars' style climbing to solve weight-related puzzles.

If you have the chance, we highly recommend trying it out! We developed a lot in this week and we were not able to show much of it on this dev post so we'd love it for anyone to actually demo the project themselves!

How we built it

Utilizing Maya and Blender, we created a modest tower for the player to climb. Using Unreal Engine 4's Blueprint system, we created a VR control system that utilizes physics in order to allow for objects to be throwable and interact with the puzzles involved. Additionally we didn't use any mesh assets that we didn't make (only texture assets).

We built the entire environment and everything in it from the ground up.

Challenges we ran into

Time. We have even more ideas we would like to implement, but not enough time to put them all into action.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Group projects can be difficult when pairing up with complete strangers. Our group is proud of working together well and producing a game that would not have been possible for us to make without solid teamwork.

What we learned

More about 3D modelling, texturing, Unreal Engine 4, video game sound design, and VR development.

What's next for VR Climbing and Puzzle Game

We are already talking about potentially working on the project after the hackathon ends. Improvements would include multiple levels, a puzzle-based fighting system, more diverse puzzle mechanics, and improved texture quality.

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