We want to provide support for students who have no means of reliable transportation to lectures or students who suffer from an illness. By using our application, you can continue to receive top quality education from professors at any location of your choice. Online classes have already established the foundations for this and we strive to expand on this idea even more. We hope that our product can pave the way for education to reach every corner of the earth for the betterment of society.

What it does

Allows students to watch a live stream of their lecture from anywhere using their Android devices while also adding full support for Virtual Reality (VR) using Google Daydream; much better usage than webcast since it utilizes VR; gives the real immersive experience and psychological benefits of being surrounded by their peers. Can and will eliminate the boredom from watching one display on a webcast.

How we built it

We used the power of TokBox to create a well performing live streaming VR application that is well designed for professors and students alike.

Challenges we ran into

Implementing VR while using Android Studio. Creating unique sessions for certain classes for professors and students.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together as a cohesive unit to accomplish a small step of innovation.

What we learned

Everything and more!

What's next for VR-Classroom

More functionality, as in:

1) Notepad feature to send to Google Drive to save notes while using VR.

2) Allows students to use the remote or potentially use Microsoft's API to detect when the word "Question" is heard to allow questions to be asked.

3) Fully interactive classroom where you can get an even more added benefit feeling one is actually in the classroom.

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