VRbutton.js - it is simple javascript library, that allow you to turn video on your website to VR compatible. It's mean, that all your visitors can watch your video with VR-headset (like a google cardboard) right in mobile browser. No app's required!

This library is designed for website owners (not for end customers)

Adding library to your project is pretty simple. You need to add only few tags to your html code. After that you can watch a cool blue button on each video. Then you click on it - your video turned to VR mode with Head tracking. We recommend to use this library with 360 degrees video, "Flat" video would be showed in "like-cinema" mode.

It is very difficult to explain this technology in words - you need to try for yourself. So, try the demo at VRbutton.org.

To watch the video (especially 4K) - you need a very fast Internet access. For example, a 5 minute 360 ​​4K video takes about 1 Gb.

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