Built in less than a day at TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon 2015

Enable easy product placement in VR. Now, anyone can turn their photosphere into their own virtual stores, featuring Zalando products. Exclusive to Zalando API, users can rotate the product to place it so it looks right! Spin the world and spin the product in the world!

Select the photosphere that you want to turn into a boutique. (Or, import from Ricoh Theta spherical camera)

Select Create mode:

1) Search to select which Zalando API products you want to place in your photosphere boutique. (Shoes!)

2) Rotate the product in the angle you'd like people to view it at.

Shop & Share mode: Visitors can select products in your photosphere to get more info and buy them!

Zalando Feature: 3D effect from 2D product image only - Using long 30-frame photostrips from Zalando API

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