Starbucks has a fairly large turnover in terms of new employees (65% in the U.S.). Each time they train a new employee, they can waste anywhere from 4-6 gallons of milk per trainee. Over time this adds up. Hopefully, by introducing new employees to the Starbucks environment in VR and allowing them to get familiar with the machinery will reduce the amount of wasted resources and decrease training time. This would be beneficial for Starbucks from a cost standpoint and the environment for less wasted resources.

What it does

Walks you through the training a Starbucks barista receives when they first start out.

How we built it

Unity, Maya, etc.

Challenges we ran into

Figuring out what to include

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Got a working demo that accomplishes what we set out to have done

What we learned

Some unity stuffs

What's next for VR Barista Trainer

More polish, maybe walk the user through how to create a latte

** I'm in Japan for the summer. When I get back I will upload the video and images for the project **

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