According to the latest investigation, travelers face long queues at airline check-in desks.

  • For a short-haul flight, 60% of travelers have to go to check-in counters.
  • For a long-haul flight, the percentage is as high as 90%

Recently we conducted a survey “Airport Check-in Experience”, according to our survey result:

  • 90% of travelers say that they need to go to check-in counter at least once a year.
  • 70% of travelers are not happy with the experience of waiting for a check-in.
  • 100% of travelers would love to try a product which can improve the check-in queue experience.

Standing in a queue for an indefinite amount of time can make travelers frustrated, angry, stressed.
The Post-pandemic context makes the queues even more challenging as they make it difficult to respect social distancing. As the social distance limitations vary per country one will not know what distance they should take into account.

What it does

VQ Check-in is a new way to check in, drop off your baggages at the airport, avoiding the queues burden, by making them virtual. It can radically change the traveler experience at the airport!

Virtual queues help to fade out the rough corners of the waiting experience.

They help travelers practice social distancing, by giving them the means to wait remotely.

When travelers arrive at the airport, they just need to make a virtual queue through the application, then they can wait remotely, go shopping, take a coffee…
The application will send SMS /text messages, app notifications to travelers when it is their turn to check in.


  • Hygiene & Health: No more physical queue, travelers can stay away from each other, reduce stress factor for travelers.
    Physical contact with other passengers and/or airport/airline staff is reduced to a minimum level.

  • Travel & Experience:
    Reduce waiting time leading to higher travelers’ experience and loyalty.

Business value

For travelers:

  • Eliminate the physical waiting lines
  • Enrich the wait-time experience
  • Improve the travelers' overall experience
  • Reducing total time spent on travel

For airline:

  • Makes traveler's experience much better - happy traveler!
  • Offer the opportunity to be “anti covid compliant” (guarantee the social distancing, and passenger security).
  • Optimise traveler flow.
  • Optimize check in staff efficiency.
  • Personalised traveler experience.
  • the application can be seen as an additional point of contact with the traveler, therefore an opportunity to propose upsell service/flexibility/comfort for the traveler.

For airport:

  • Increase sales in retail store, duty free, restaurant.
  • Efficient improved space management.
  • Opportunities for advertising, vouchers.

How we built it

  • Define our customers - the product customers are airlines and airports
  • Design product features - MVP
  • Create user stories:
    Persona Traveler => As a traveler, I want to make a queue, so that I can do check-in
    Persona Check-in counter agent => As an agent, once I’m done with a traveler, I want to call the next one , so that I can handle check-in activity for travelers on a more efficient way
  • Develop our product with new technologies
  • Test the MVP
  • Adapt
  • Launch

What are you proud of?

Our team
We are proud of our team members, we work perfectly well together.
Two great mentors, they are in a good mood, supportive and knowledgeable.

We have asked through a survey to prepare our hackathon idea and find confirmation for our initial ideas, it helped us gather a lot of valuable data.
More important it confirmed our mindset on this change and added value to the travel industry value chain.

The survey results confirmed that there really is a need for change of the current physical queuing process.

Our product will definitely improve the travelers' experience.

The work we did
Design, reflect, adapt, commit our MVP product in a few days' time.

What is next step for your solution and how will you take that step?

What is next step
Next step for our solution is to provide more valuable features which benefit with customer needs or desires.

  • Airline upsell services : e.g. extra bag, fast check-in, partnership with concierge services
  • Forecast airport/airline passengers flows : Before going to airport, traveler can better prepare their trip efficiency according to passengers flows forecasting at airport.
  • Traveler: provide special services like extra suitcase, fastlane customs passage as an upsell
  • Frequent Flyer traveler : provide priority check-in, connect loyalty programs and offer upsells by miles and other special services.
  • Airport API integration: Airport API can provide shops/restaurants, airport maps information. Travelers can enjoy better airport services while waiting.

How will you take that step?

  • Meet with stakeholders within airlines, airports and get their feedback on our initial proposal
  • Get some potential customers [airport/airline] involved in our product
  • Discover our customers' needs
  • Discover the travelers’ needs and match with requirements of customers [airport/airline]
  • Share the MVP and product strategy with our customers [airport/airline]
  • Test with customers
  • Continuous improvement on the product
  • Get in touch with UX and marketing to consolidate our brand
  • Grow our business

What tech did you use to build it?

The product is made by two web-applications, one serving the traveler and the other one for the check-in counter agent. The web-applications are made using Angular framework and Bootstrap UI Library.

The communication is done by a NodeJs Express server, using Http Rest API.

The data is stored in the runtime memory of the server. No Database has been implemented.

The code is versioned and stored on GitHub.

The GitHub repository is linked with Heroku, and each new commit on GitHub is deployed automatically on Heroku.

A live demo is deployed on Heroku.

Competitive Advantage

Self-bag Drop system is our potential competitor.
Self-bag Drop system has many benefits compared to the current situation, including shorten queues at check-in counters. Some airports already have installed machines and propose this functionality.

However our product has great advantages on following factors:

  • Low price : free for our potential customers, Self-bag installation fee is high, and requires space at the airport, our product uses existing installation
  • Easy implementation: our product is for all types of airports, Self-bag is mostly implemented in big airports, as you need enough volume of passengers to cover the initial cost
  • Better travel experience: no more waiting time for our travelers with our product, however self-bag travelers still need to make a queue (and understand how the drop bag works)
  • Applicable for bother leisure - and business travelers
  • Rapid delivery: Time to market is very quick for our customers
  • Eco-system: Our product interfaces with airline IT and airport IT, simultaneous growth tin partnership constructions
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