VK Party

We want to revolutionise event planning. VKParty allows VK event planners to engage in social commerce via AliExpress and split the bill with attendees.

Use VKParty to organise and purchase all your items together. Suggest items, vote on them and have a shared basket for everything.

Prototype demo

VK Mini-app

Junction Submission

How to install

npx @vkontakte/create-vk-app <folder name>

How to start

First enforce http:

On windows:

set HTTPS=true

or on Linux/MacOS:

export HTTPS=true

Go to created folder and run: yarn start || npm start — this will start dev server with hot reload on localhost:10888.

yarn run build || npm run build — this will build production bundle, with treeshaking, uglify and all this modern fancy stuff

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