We were inspired by a series of painful travel experiences getting to and from the Airport. Before and after every trip we all have to deal with getting to the train or bus station, struggling with outdated ticket machines, exact change, or local currencies, and then having a long and uninteresting ride. All just to go to the airport to wait even longer. We think this can be a much better experience for the user, and at the same time we can give operators better data to make decisions.

What it does

Voyager is a contactless payment and rewards app for public transportation. It let's users pay with NFC and track their ride history, and receive loyalty points based on their usage. On the flip side, transportation operators get way more detailed and granular behavioural data to improve customer relationship management and identify areas for optimisation.

How we built it

Voyager uses the Intel Edison with NFC and GPS add-ons in combination with the HERE api. Once the user makes a connection using the Edison, HERE collects data such as location, route, transport method, distance, etc. to send back to the Voyager app via a custom made JSON api. In the App we then visualise the data for the user to interact with.

Challenges we ran into

Both HERE and Intel provided some really awesome and well documented products to play with. The biggest challenge was probably narrowing down the infinite possibilities of applications of these technologies to be able to deliver something in such a short amount of time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to have developed a fully working responsive website, along with our own api connected to HERE and the Edison in less than two days.

What we learned

We learned that you can do a LOT of cool stuff with the Edison. Also we figured out how to integrate HERE maps into our application which was fun.

What's next for Voyager

Voyager wants to be THE payment and rewards app for public transportation worldwide. Time to raise some funds for product development and international expansion.

We wish you a pleasant voyage :)

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