Hackillinois 2018

The website/app aims at helping you plan your travel smartly .It acts as a saviour when you know: *** you want to travel *** you have only XX $ in your pocket to spare *** your vacation is of n days *** You know that places with beaches interest you while history sounds boring but you are clueless about where all you can go and get an optimal trip.

Amadeus APIs used/plan to be used:-- *** Flight Inspiration search: To recursivley get the favourable destinations from the origin within the budget. *** Flight Low Fare Search: To make the flight bookings *** YapQ City Name Search: To get the latitudes and longitudes of the destinations cities *** YapQ Geosearch: To get the points of interest in the destination cities and categorize the cities.(e.g. beaches, historical,hilly,luxury,etc.) *** Hotel Airport Search: To get the list of hotels near the destination airports *** Car Rental Airport Search: To get the best possible car rentals near the airport

Unique Features: ** Unlike most of the apps and serach engines present today , it does not fixes the destination , ather suggests them . ** It gives an optimal path from origin to your destination enabling you to visit as many and as interesting places as possible

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