Ever try to plan a vacation at your dream getaway but not sure where to find useful information? Locals know their city better than any Google search does, and our project aims to connect you with a local who can help you plan your trip. Just enter your destination and Voyage will match you to a local guide and give you the vacation that you deserve!

What it does

Voyage lets the user create a 'voyage' by selecting a destination from an interactive map and then picking a guide from a list of available locals. Through a chat window, the guide can answer any of the user's questions about the area and use his/her years of specialized knowledge from living in the area to help the user plan the trip. Voyage also offers an itinerary on the website that both the user and guide can use to plan out the trip. Compared to generic Google searches or other travel sites, the local can offer much more individualized advice to the user, and suggest more places to visit than just the popular destinations and restaurants. After his trip, the user can rate and review the guide on the website, and also see their past trips on the voyage history page.

How we built it

We built our backend primarily using Flask. To store all of our user and destination information, we used a MySQL database hosted on a Google Cloud Platform. For our front end, we used HTML, CSS, Javascript, and JQuery.

Challenges we ran into

One of the major challenges we faced was creating a chat messenger on our website. Due to complications with our website server host, we couldn't use sockets but still found another way to meet our goal. Another obstacle we faced was slow internet, which impeded our ability to install necessary packages and software. We also underestimated the complications involved with integrating the front end and back end together.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of finishing the project within the given time frame because it involved many different components. We are also proud of adapting and overcoming challenges such as implementing a chat messenger without the use of sockets.

What we learned

This project taught us how to properly use Google Cloud Platform and some of its many functions. We also learned how to create a chat messenger without sockets, which is the typical way of transmitting data. A broader skill that we gained was how to connect individual front and back end components together.

What's next for Voyage

Next steps for Voyage include scaleability and along with that, moderation or another way to maintain quality control over the local guides. Once a user has enough previous voyages, we also hope to use machine learning to help further customize vacation plans by predicting what locations and activities the user would like.

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