Large production companies or publishing companies offer content to consumers with the particular priority for both political concerns and profitability goals. All these contents, from concert organizations, album recordings and live broadcasts, are presented to the market after being filtered by the policies governed by certain media companies. However, the artists who produce or perform music, regardless of whether they are world-class or amateur musicians, find themselves on platforms according to certain agreements and whether their music is suitable for the policies of the companies. The the main problem is that music and content are being evaluated by profit-oriented structures, not by masses.

What it does

VOXXO will expand the scope of its use by moving the vision of the blockchain platform into a new space, and it is a project that will bring together software and entertainment in one go. What is innovative in this project and opens the way for change are the VOXXO components. These are VOXXO Mobile App, VOXXO Live Events, VOXXO License Platform. With these components, starting from the most used vehicles of end-users to the production stage of the industry, a period of upwards directional change and liberation will be initiated.

The pushing force of the VOXXO vision is the blockchain spirit and concept. Our primary goal is to get Cryptocurrency open to the music sector, which is an important place in real life, and to catch the project spirit that will enable constructive projects and Cryptocurrency to gain notable market shares. VOXXO aims to stop organizing, filtering or promoting in the sector and for music to reach people through the minimum influence in the chain. Moreover, it plans to open up revolutionary activities and productions in the sector. After music sales VOXXO is planning Crypto-financed world-class concerts, album recordings, live broadcasts will take place. There are even plans for a performance hall that works only with cryptocurrency.

VOXXO token holders can organize events and concerts by using Live Concert Events Platform by crowdfunding. This concept gives power to the community to get revenues from VOXXO platform. If concerts/events are successful then VOXXO will return funds to investors after each concert/event and add revenues that defined before on it.

How I built it

VOXXO is an ERC20 Ethereum Smart Contact. It uses Ethereum’s proven fast and secure structure. VOXXO believes in Ethereum and its community.

Challenges I ran into

VOXXO's concert investment platform is a unique and unprecedented concept for the entertainment and music industry. We have created great changes and innovations while developing this model. VOXXO is not a mechanical project or a finance project created over and over. This process is very different and painful than creating a "secure payment gateway". We are trying to make a big change in an area where the blockchain revolution and community power have not been practiced by anyone before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

VOXXO Live Event Platform has begun to work and has already announced artists.

What I learned

We decide that for the content of our application to be correct, our exclusive content must be diversified. This is because of the difficulty of breaking the prejudices of the music industry towards cryptocurrency, and because establishing a relationship of trust with artists is a long-term job.

What's next for VOXXO

2018 Organizing concerts financed with cryptocurrency. Deploying VOXXO Mobile App worldwide.

2019 In the first quarter, organizing tours and concerts of world-famous stars and artists based on the cryptocurrency VOXXO licensing and distribution platform

2020 Album Recordings and Music Video Productions using cryptocurrency

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