Finding a fast and easy way to travels has always been a challenge. Vox gets the best for your trip, whether you want the greenest, cheapest or fastest way, you will have your answer in seconds.

What it does

Vox is an intelligent personal assistant that answer questions, make recommendations, and perform tasks for your trip such as booking car rentals, hotels, restaurants or even sight-seeing!

How we built it

[mention all the apis and sponsors possible: lyft, expedia,, google, etc]

We use API.AI to allow the user to interact with our system using natural language. For example they would say "I'd like to go to Grand Canyon" and the AI agent would pass the location to our backend. Using the user's location and desired destination, we then query Expedia and Lyft to compute and provide the user with an itinerary. For example, they would be able to take a Lyft to the nearest airport, a flight to nearby Grand Canyon and a car rental to explore the area.

Challenges we ran into

Contextual querying was a little more difficult for agent. For instance, when the user would say "I want to go to X", the agent would need to ask "When do you want to go?"

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Successful integration of multiple APIs into a single service that powers our AI agent.

What we learned

OAuth :-) integrating into Android

What's next for Vox

Our next goal is to build a prediction feature capable to understand user behavior and anticipate users need. The more you use Vox, the better it becomes.

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