We were inspired by the form factor of a cube and the possible ways we could utilize that form factor for an intuitive interface.

What it does

VOX uses the form factor of a cube to its fullest advantage. By simply turning the cube left or right, the VOX can increase or decrease the volume. By tapping against the table, the VOX will pause / un-pause the music. Rolling the cube to its right skips to the next song, and rolling it to the left goes back a song.

How we built it

Used python to interface with the arduino to get information from the IMU to be able to recognize whether the cube was turned, rolled etc. Also, we used the raspberry pi to control the output of music, as well as to handle the inputs of all of the different sensors that we used the in the device.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a great many problems during the creation of this project, namely regarding the Raspberry Pi itself. the SD card was corrupted multiple times, forcing us to start from scratch.

Getting the RaspBerry Pi to work at all. Getting the Light set up Getting the airplay set up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The light is working.

What we learned

Bring your own, working version of hardware.

What's next for VOX

Getting it to work.

Built With

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