Living in two African countries in East Africa, Rwanda and Kenya, I have come to realize that informal sector is one of the biggest employer’s in Africa. In Africa around 90% of the population is paid by informal businesses. That's one of the reason I've always felt ambitious about improving the relationship between these businesses and their customers.

What it does

Voucha uses your location to provide you with offers and deals from shops in your neighborhood.

How we built it

Our team is composed with two Software Developers at Andela, we leveraged the following Facebook technologies to come up with a good user experience within our app.

Technologies Used

  • We use Facebook Login to Sign in and Log in a user
  • We take advantage of GraphApi to access basic user profile information
  • We used React-Native to build Voucha, both for iOS and Android

Challenges we ran into

I will never forget how we spent two weeks in funny arguments about who would be building mock-ups for the app. I wish we had a designer on our team. Embedding the map was the most challenging part during the development process. We had too much we wanted to accomplish in a short time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy of the shape the app was taking. We strongly believe we will continue the development after the Hackathon.

What's next for Voucha

  • There is too much work to be done on Voucha in development, especially it's backend, where we are using GraphQL, a facebook technology.
  • Also, we plan to put submit our facebook app for review and then we can publish it to both App Store and Google Store
  • I would be happy if we got more people on our team, a designer and a manager, and we can focus on what we love doing which is development.
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