Our inspiration was to increase engagement in DAOs by building a social DAO mini dapp in mobile.

What it does

Integrates voting on proposals into chat. When a new proposal arrives, a user gets push notifications. Then they can vote directly from chat. At the moment it's integrated specifically with ETHBerlin dHack DAO.(

How we built it

We used the Alice mobile dapp browser to build the mini dapp in mobile. With love, fun, passion, struggle and sleep deprivation.

Challenges we ran into

Lack of good internet and bugz

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Mini Program widgets within a chat window.

What we learned

Querying with GraphQL and getting required info Working with DAOstack proposals and Alchemy Integrating GraphQL, DAO contract calls and push notifications into chat/wallet app

What's next for VotezUp

VotezUp's plan is to further development in the direction of socializing DAOs by adding these social features to a DAOstack mobile vertical submitted in this proposal This vertical will be a social application built using DAOstack's technology stack in the hopes we can build a more engaged community around DAOs that can scale up to meet the demands of collectives around the world. It will feel very similar to a facebook group would be like with Libra.

An Android app -> Alice is currently only available in iOS and we would like to further the development of the platform into Android.

This build will fund a week's worth of 3 full-time developers building an application on top of DAOstack.

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