We all know that environmental friendly life style could help make a better world, but few of us really put it into actions. We are provoking people to living in a environmental friendly way.

What it does

We are building an innovative app visualizing our choices of life style with real time polling technology. You will be able to plant a tree or put a fresh cloud based on your selection on life styles. This will give people a straightforward sense that how their actions can make a difference!

How we built it

Based on a tutorial on building real time polling app with Node Js and Pusher, we added more functionalities such as displaying real time votes into images on our live vote section

Challenges we ran into

We have troubles on interaction between multiple tables in database with synchronization of image displaying, and the mobile view of charts

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our app is potentially supporting max 100 concurrent connections! We are proud that the final interaction works perfectly! We overcame the challenges on synchronization problem on different devices.

What we learned

We learned how to cooperate with teammate with such great pressure, and new technologies like Pusher and Mongoose APIs.

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