In the 2016 presidential election, there was only a 58.1% voter turnout. That means that over 100 million Americans did not vote! On top of that, most voters only vote on presidential elections, with much lower voter turnout rates at local and state elections. We intend to fix that.

What it does

VoteX is an iOS app that incorporates aspects of social media and politics to allows users to understand which political candidates that they relate with. In a Reddit-styled feed, users read about different political issues and discover what stance that politicians take on the matter. Based on who the user agrees with, a point will be added to the politician. We remind users before election day to vote and provide them with detailed information regarding who corresponded most with their beliefs.

How we built it

After creating a screen by screen story idea of the application, we then implemented it using XCode software and implementing firebase for backend programming. In this sense, we also implemented several third-party swift libraries.

Challenges we ran into

Along the way, we ran into problems with collaboration using git. (First-time hackers) :) We finally got around the problem with the help of mentors. This allowed us to work together and helped everyone to become productive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

In this hackathon, we were proud of being able to handle and develop geofield location markers and provide viable notifications/updates for our application’s use. Additionally, as we ran into various errors, we are proud of our effective time management and the ability to handle major errors or roadblocks throughout the competition.

What we learned

We learned a lot about building a comprehensive storyboard on Xcode and how to push and merge branches of a repository on git.

What's next for VoteX

We will enhance the user interface of the application and also apply this into the real world for many others to use as we believe this is a viable application that will help many people in our nation.

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