We are another avenue for citizen's political expression.

Calling and emailing don't seem to be working anymore. Our privacy and tax dollars get stripped away more and more by legislators that aren't held accountable by their districts. Beholden to special interest and money in politics. We hope with mass adoption of our app that could change.

Our solution is a verified way to have a say in the political legislation that effects our daily lives. By verified, we use a your address and credit card to guarantee your district. We match you up with your representatives at every level. of politics from city hall to your state and national delegates. We try to prevent gamesmanship of small interest shouting everyone down.

Our app lets you see and vote on all pending legislation at every level. See how your districts are voting. When legislation comes to a vote you can see if your delegate voted their district or their dollars.

At local levels we will tell you when town halls are because community involvement makes for safer neighborhoods.

We are not another social network, because politics are personal.

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