is a website where voters and politicians can connect without advertising dollars getting in the way. Right now, politicians must pay for advertising in order to get elected. This often means that people with great ideas but no money have no way of getting into office. gives politicians a free platform to say what they want to do in a way that prevents political double speak so voters know exactly what they mean. Likewise, voters can tell politicians what they want in a way that the politician doesn't have to sit down and read a thousand letters. The polling data from just about every question imaginable in every subject in presented to the politician in a way that he/she can understand - and the politician can look at individual added comments for each of these issues. Future functions will include an essay section to teach users about the issues, a voter to politician dictionary where voters can translate political doublespeak, and a user forum where users can talk with each other locally and beyond. Politicians could also use the user forum to set up online debates with other candidates and online town halls to talk with their voter base.

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