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I've been helping a lot with my local election and there's a lot of questions this year about where people can vote, how they can vote, and when they can vote. I wanted to help create a Messenger bot to answer some of these questions.

What it does

It uses Wit.ai to detect intents from a user through Messenger to answer questions about voting.

How I built it

It's built using JavaScript and deployed to AWS using Claudia.js.

Challenges I ran into

Pulling actual election data into the Messenger bot. It seems to be that most of the sources of information cost money so this tutorial is more of a proof of concept than something ready to be put into production. But with the right API it would be incredibly easy to integrate with.

What I learned

Everything about Wit.ai! I had never used it before but found it extremely easy to get started so I hope my tutorial helps others!

What's next for VoterBot

Connecting it up to an actual API endpoint like Ballotpedia to get actual voting data.

Longer tutorial available here in the Boston DevC group.

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