There are 4 major problems threatening the American Dream:

  1. Democracy is Broken: Elections cannot be trusted due to concerns over voter suppression, gerrymandering, long lines to vote, limited polling location, COVID 19, oligarchs controlling elections, the use of proprietary election software systems (ES&S), and outside hacking from malicious foreign and domestic agents. The federal government is grossly neglecting its responsibility towards ensuring all people have access to a secure and transparent voting system.

  2. Uninformed Voters: Too many people vote last minute and are either misinformed or uninformed. They “vote down the line for blue or red” rather than voting for the candidate who would best represent them.

  3. Truth Hijacked: Mainstream media is owned by 6 of the world’s richest companies and represents 90% of the news most American’s receive. The mainstream narrative is often biased towards the right or left divisions of the corporate world they serve. The voice of main street has been silenced. Unbiased news and information sources are very difficult to discern, find, and alternative objective media sources can’t compete with the oligarch funded and biased media.

  4. Exploitation of People: User data is unethically exploited by major search and social networking companies like Google and Facebook. There is no one providing equitable sharing of monetary gains generated by users’ data in the political arena. In a more fair world, users should be compensated for their activity if that activity is creating revenue, especially in a data-driven economy.

Solutions for a Just, Equitable, and Transparent Democracy

Problem 1: Democracy is Broken Solution: Leverage open source software to create a transparent, secure, responsible and reliable voter registration platform and voting system. Build a trustworthy and responsible politically driven social network that offers a clear vision for a democracy and government of the people, by the people, and for the people through a worker owned and operated business model.

Problem 2: Uninformed Voters Solution: Create an interactive voter guide with factual, verified, and trustworthy data without left or right spin to inform and engage users.

Problem 3: Truth Hijacked Solution: A social network that is K.Y.C compliant with privacy/transparency & trustworthiness at its core, producing a more fair and objective perspective. Leveraging AI/ML, users’ votes will be checked/weighted based upon the content they produce both on and off our platform, their likes/dislikes, shares, and previous though anonymous voting patterns.

Problem 4: Exploitation of People Solution: With data managed and secured by blockchain technologies, VOTER.ZONE end users will be able to earn a share of any revenue made from their activity. They will control their data and be provided with incentives for their participation. Privacy will be secured with blockchain technologies and transparency levels will be controlled by the users themselves.

Tools Used

Voter.Zone's working prototype was built with Wordpress, API's, and specialized programming. The end product seeks to be built using blockchain technologies.


The main challenge I ran into is that I am just one person looking to take on the task of fixing America's Broken Democracy and News Media.


Accomplishments that I'm proud of. I secured an angel investor who helped see the prototype through to it's completion and has offered funding to further its success!

What I Learned

I learned that Redefining Democracy is not for the faint of heart. Co-creating a Democracy that truly works for all is a long, slow, sloppy, and arduous task but worth every moment! The allies I have met along the way are passionate, purposeful people, who truly care about the planet we live on and the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters.

You Are Needed!

Voter.Zone is seeking an APP and blockchain developer, videographer, several moderators, curators, content creators and engaged voters to take our platform to the next level. We have a former election integrity platform that yielded an email list upwards of 50,000 democracy saving advocates that I look forward to reawakening after my team is secured.

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