The inspiration came when I went to my capital city(Kinshasa) for the first time, people were complaining about the governance so I asked myself how can I use my knowledge to build a tool that will help my nation and other people to voice their views? As I was from reading about Messenger chatbot I said since most people spent their time on facebook and messenger chatting, it would be very comfortable and easier for them to expressly participate in a petition, referendum, election running on this platform.

VoteJuge makes it easier for you to vote in contest/election; to sign petitions; to participate in referendums; to answer questions; and to create campaigns (elections, contests, petitions, referendums and survey questionnaires).

The application is composed of two parts. *Web App link * and *Messenger Votejuge Chatbot *. We built the web application using PHP for organizing(creating a campaign) and the chatbot for participating using Node.js. The information are stored using Mysql Database. The web application can be used either from browser or Messenger Webview.

The main challenge was we didn't have enough knowledge to build chatbots and one of which we are still having is letting people know about the tool existence, enough resources(mostly financial) to incoporate and run Votejuge smoothly.

Seeing VoteJuge platform running and being used is the first greatest accomplishment especially the fact that it is done for the community and to promote good governance. Helping and unifying the community for good reason is something great.

This project has taught us a lot. Technically we have learn a lot about building Messenger chat-bots and we are planning to have company that will be building chat-bots for organizations and individuals for different sectors . We have learn a lot about chaos in our communities and how votejuge is solution when we were sharing with some people the idea behind the tool we are building such as problem that rise up when there is election in some universities (Makerere University).

Business wise and Technically we still have a lot to do. We are first going to launch and incorporate the startup (votejuge) this year, we are already in facebook approval which is going successfully; and then to focus on marketing (which we have started already) and maitainance and improvement of the platform technically.

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