As emerging eighteen year olds who are soon eligible to vote in our first elections, we felt that it was a priority for us to be informed voters in the plethora of elections and government processes. However, after researching, we felt there was a lack of support towards younger voters due to the fact that information was either biased or strictly numerical and was not concise.

What it does

An iPhone application that allows users to understand their political and social ideologies and interact through a discussion platform for political discourse to be prepared and informed voters. A matching algorithm matches users to candidates based on common political ideologies.

How I built it

We did this through the thunkable application where we kept account of certain variables which were compared at the end to identify the user’s political ideology.

Challenges I ran into

We had trouble with IOS development for the first time.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our idea generation of the app and full follow through of some unique features.

What I learned

How to manage time and how to break up tough problems.

What's next for VOTEEN

Add data for county and midterm elections as well as rank by percentage.

Built With

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