Voteducate was inspired by the astonishing fact that 20,000,000 Americans didn't vote in the most recent Presidential election due to a lack of knowledge and interest in the candidates who were running. Its goal is simple: let people learn everything they need about a candidate in the easiest way possible.

A user provides the name of a candidate they would like to know about. Voteducate then takes care of the rest by scraping countless resources on the internet, including news articles, candidate websites/profiles, political journals and databases, and Wikipedia pages. It identifies relevant information through the use of keywords and key phrases that pertain to a variety of political issues such as immigration, poverty, crime, healthcare, security, and many more.

It then generates an easy-to-read list of information about the candidate's stance on each issue. Users also have the option of getting the list emailed to them for later reference, via the SendGrid API.

As a high school student, I wonder about how my peers and I will be equipped to elect our government in the upcoming years, especially with the decreasing interest in politics and lower voter turnout. I hope to see tools like Voteducate helping people of all ages make informed decisions that will affect them on various levels.

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