It all started with I-clickers. Normally, a student would only require one of these for a small number of classes in his or her college lifetime, which could be as little as one. It was a hassle to purchase one and because of its size, the I-clicker can be easily misplaced. Frustrated, 'VoteApp' was built as a web application that behaves exactly like an I-Clicker. Our app has three main features:

  1. Conduct polls in real-time Users will be able to run polls real-time through unique URLs with the option of tracking the number of votes, the number of voters, the poll results and the time period of a session. Poll creators also determine poll choices and our app's graph would show responses instantly. On the flipside, voters can join a polling session with a click of a button and begin choosing an option.

  2. Vote on any device Since VoteApp is a web application, any device with internet access would be able to use the app right away. Our UI design is mobile-friendly and can work on any platform. Future plans include integrating Twilio API so that cell phones can send text messages to vote on a poll set up by our app.

  3. Accessible to everyone VoteApp aims to make polling easy and accessible to everyone. Because of the simple interface and ubiquity, VoteApp is the perfect app for short term polling and democratic voting. We plan to make it free for everyone as part of the open source initiative.

We aim our app to be used by college professors and students during class, by bosses and employees during meetings, and by celebrities and fans during popularity contests. Ultimately, we want VoteApp to be the future of voting. Our future ideas include adding a Twilio API, an option for public and private pollings, and also user authentication.

Check us out during the Expo today and try VoteApp right away!

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