Our team has experienced firsthand the incredible discomfort of wearing casts - the combination of itchiness, dirtiness, and foul smell are absolute torture. We realized, however, that none of this suffering was actually necessary and easily preventable. The sole purpose of casts is to support and constrain the muscle and bone underneath. The uncomfortable layers of cotton and plaster happened to be the only way to get a customized fit. However, with the advent of 3D technology, this has changed. Determined to spare others this pain, we designed a casting process that would maximize the patient’s comfort.

The Voronoi Cast implements a unique method of creating an extruded organic mesh. By using the intersection of the appendage mesh and a 3D voronoi, we create a structure that is both functional and elegant. The workflow, though versatile, is streamlined and easy to customize. Though this system is appealing to essentially anyone who has broken a bone, anyone can admire the organic design, and everyone should admire the organic way in which it was created. So often devices in healthcare are considered to be stark and industrial, but the Voronoi Cast goes against that stereotype from conception to implementation.

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