LookOut was inspired by the pandemic, when we noticed the huge disparity between different areas of a particular city, we realized that there was a need for a product like LookOut which could help easily address the requirements of the local bodies for easy administration and data collection. We further realized that our platform could serve as a one stop solution for local governments, as well as activists and journalists.

What it does

The platform essentially enables the users to give direct feedback to the local government about parameters such as health, sanitation, social distancing norms, infrastructure etc. Which in turn can be viewed in a dashboard by the government to easily manage the data. Furthermore, the platform also enables government officials as well as ministries, to conduct surveys to better understand the need of the public while drafting policies and laws for them. The users can stay up to date about the quality of life in their respective localities and keep a track of the progress that the government has made, they can also utilise the news api to keep themselves aware. Interacting with the posts of the authorities and notable people would grant them a credibility score, as to the quality of their feedback

How we built it

Our development team worked on a mobile application, using react native and a web dashboard connected to firebase for data analytics, and we also implemented our own server using mongo and graphql.

Challenges we ran into

Building the application as well as the dashboard was a hectic task, and there are certainly some improvements that we are looking forward to make to the platform, to ensure a more user friendly experience.

What we learned

We deliberated upon the concept of having an e governance platform such as LookOut, and the possibilities that it could have in the future. We realized that it would be easy to scale, and could be appropriate for governments around the world to deploy, especially the emerging democracies, which have just started adopting such technologies to improve the process of governance.

What's next for LookOut

We plan to continue working on the product, and look forward to getting incubated, as well as raising funds. By the end of the year, we expect that we would've conducted 1-2 pilot programs in a city or two, so that we can better understand the needs of the government.

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