Inspiration / What it does

Typical metrics designed to determine financial responsibility are antiquated. They rely on big credit companies and existing financial history. Voquality tries to level the playing field by allowing users to opt-in to use machine learning and language analysis to develop a profile measuring an individual's financial responsibility across a range of metrics.

How we built it

Voquality is built as a mobile application that periodically records audio during an individuals awake hours. This data is housed on the user's phone and is password encrypted. At the end of the use period, the user is presented the data and has the choice whether to send the final metrics to the credit company/insurance company.

Challenges we ran into

Linking the APIs together to do sentiment analysis and a method of scoring audio snippets.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making strides to make financial opportunities more accessible to everyone.

What we learned

How quickly prototype an application that has potential impact when respecting user privacy and data.

What's next for Voquality

Improve the user's control of their data to ensure they choose who gets to use it and when.

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