College lectures are not designed for students with hearing needs. Additionally, international students face similar struggles keeping up with spoken English during their freshmen year. Personally, my significant other has a severe physical disability so every day we are challenged by a world that is not designed for us as an inter-abled couple. She faced significant challenges to finish her college degree. This project represents my first step towards making something more accessible to college students in the real world.

What it does

Vopio App generates subtitles in real time from the instructor's speech. Students can interact with the subtitles by clicking on words that interests them.

How we built it

Built it for Android and iOS, using Xcode and Android Studio.

Challenges we ran into

...This project is just one big barrier after another...

Video challenge: I was not able to make a full demo video for this submission to GrizzHacks 5 due to personal circumstances -- my app is designed for assisting verbal conversations, which is not possible without another person to help.

Software challenge: The biggest tech challenge are to properly integrate the Google Speech API to distinguish between two or more different voices using speaker diarization to identify different speakers in a conversation when they are both audible by the same phone/app. Also, it has been a challenge to test the integration with Zoom SDK. Currently, the Zoom app marketplace requires school admins to pre-approve new apps before students can use it with their instructors during live classes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Just pushing through!

What we learned

Ask tough questions; push through regardless of personal circumstances; network with new folks!

What's next for Vopio App

Implement more accurate speech recognition and better user interface design; develop a web app version for easier integration with the Zoom platform.

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posted an update

Update about my video and links: I was NOT able to make a demo video for this submission to GrizzHacks 5 due to personal circumstances -- my app requires a verbal conversation, which is not possible overnight when family is asleep. However, the following link is a demo video of my previous project, which inspired this submission:

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